Obesity Quiz

1. A 5'6" man weighs 80 Kgs. What is his body mass index (BMI)?
  • His BMI is 29
  • His BMI is 32
  • His BMI is 18
2. For most people, the best type of diet for losing weight is:
  • A crash diet
  • Choosing sensibly from the five major food groups
  • Fasting
3. How much fat intake is recommended for healthy people?
  • No fat is bad for you
  • 25-35 percent of your total calorie intake
  • The amount and type of fats you eat don't really matter
4. The best type of exercise for losing weight is:
  • weight lifting & Aerobic Exercise
  • Lifestyle physical activity
  • Combination of all of the above
5. The no-effort way to lose weight is:
  • Prescription medications
  • Eat a little
  • Change your lifestyle and eating habits

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Last updated on 06/07/2008