How to manage type 2 diabetes? & Strategies for Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes

The most susceptible age group for these types of diabetes is middle-aged or older. It is the form of diabetes that is most common. It results from improper insulin use by your body. In this blog let’s see how to manage type 2 diabetes? and whether it can be reversed in detail.

How to manage type 2 diabetes? List the tests

How to diagnose type 2 diabetes?

If you think you are having symptoms of diabetes then you should contact your doctor immediately. The following tests will be carried out by your doctor to determine your diabetes.

HbA1C test

The average blood glucose levels during the preceding two or three months are measured by this test. This test doesn’t need you to fast, and the results can be used by your doctor to make a diagnosis.

Fasting plasma glucose test

The amount of glucose in your plasma is measured by this test. Before taking it, you might need to fast for eight hours.

Oral glucose tolerance test

Your blood is drawn three times during this test: before, one hour following, and two hours following a glucose dose. The test findings demonstrate how your body processes glucose both before and after the drink.

How to manage type 2 diabetes?

Lifestyle and medicine changes are part of managing type 2 diabetes.

  • Weight loss- A nutritious diet and portion management are a smart place to start when trying to lose weight, even though it can seem like a huge task.
  • Healthy diet- A qualified dietician can help you create a meal plan that you can follow and advise you about carbohydrate intake. But pay attention to cutting back on calories, reducing refined carbohydrates, particularly those in sweets and finally including fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Exercise- Attempt to engage in physical activity(exercise) for 30 to 60 minutes daily.
  • Blood sugar levels– Keep an eye on your blood sugar levels often to effectively manage it.
  • Medication– You could require medication if altering your lifestyle doesn’t help you reach your desired blood sugar levels. In such instances, take the medication that your doctor prescribes to you to effectively control your diabetes.
  • Sleep – Get at least 7 hours of peaceful sleep every night because insufficient sleep makes it difficult to control blood sugar.
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake
  • Regular check-up- Get routine physical examinations to avoid complications from diabetes.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

The management of type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition, requiring ongoing care. Moreover, type 2 diabetes has no known cure. However, you may control it so that your blood sugar levels remain within a safe range by making lifestyle modifications, taking medication, and monitoring your blood sugar levels.

To sum up

With the help of this blog, you might have an understanding of “how to manage type 2 diabetes effectively”. It takes a lifetime to manage type 2 diabetes, but when it is properly managed you can lead a healthier and happier life.