World Diabetes Day

The majority of individuals globally suffer from diabetes, a chronic condition. Every year, World Diabetes Day is observed to raise awareness of this condition. Further, all the information you require regarding this year’s World Diabetes Day, including its date, history, importance, and theme is provided in this blog

About world diabetes day

On World Diabetes Day, we have an opportunity to spread awareness about what is diabetes as a worldwide public health concern, its risks, and the critical actions that can be taken to promote prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment.

When it is celebrated ?

Every year on November 14, World Diabetes Day is observed to honour Sir Frederick Banting, who with Charles Herbert Best discovered the insulin hormone in 1922.

In 1991, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) created World Diabetes Day in response to growing concerns about the disease’s increasing threat to public health.

Why it is celebrated ?

Educating oneself on diabetes mellitus which is one of the types in diabetes and actively engaging in its treatment is crucial because individuals with well-controlled blood sugar levels experience significantly fewer and milder consequences.


WDD is the biggest diabetes awareness campaign in the world, reaching more than 160 countries and more than 1 billion people worldwide. Moreover, the theme of the 2023 World Diabetes Day is “Access to Diabetes Care“.

In order to benefit from education on disease and treatment, dietary modifications, and exercise, the theme urges individuals to be aware of metabolic disorders associated with diabetes mellitus. Finally, the ultimate goal is to keep both short- and long-term blood glucose levels within acceptable ranges.

To sum up

From the awareness on this special day, let’s educate ourselves and those we care about to gain good control over this condition. Together, we can overcome this condition with the right care, dietary habits, and treatment.

We at EDF do regular diabetes awareness programs, free diabetes detection camps and periodic checkups to detect diabetes early and bring good control of diabetes by which we can postpone or prevent complications of uncontrolled diabetes.