(How can hypertension patients prevent heart disease)

Diabetes and hypertension are considered the most challenging health conditions that need proper care and treatment. An increased risk of heart attack or stroke exists in people with diabetes and hypertension. Therefore, it’s essential to learn about how to maintain normal blood pressure levels. In this blog we will see what is hypertension, the difference between it with heart attacks and how to prevent heart disease.

What is hypertension and heart attack?

Blood pushing too hard against the artery walls is known as hypertension, often known as high blood pressure. This can harm the arteries and raise the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other diseases.

When the blood supply to the heart is interrupted, usually by a blood clot, a heart attack occurs. This could threaten your life and harm your heart muscle. Chest pain, shortness of breath, and sweating are indications of a heart attack.

What exactly is defined as high blood pressure?

The recommended range for blood pressure is 110/70 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. If  a person having 140/90 mmHg or greater on more than 3 occasions he/she is regarded as having high blood pressure.

Causes of hypertension

Here are some causes of hypertension

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Large consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Family history of hypertension
  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Kidney disease
Complications of hypertensive heart disease?

For many people, heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability. The consequences of hypertensive heart disease are

  • Heart attack
  • Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
  • Stroke
  • Sudden cardiac death.

How can hypertension patients prevent heart disease?

Control your blood pressure

Consult with your doctor to keep your blood pressure under control. This would include taking medicine, altering one’s lifestyle, or doing both.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat a diet that is low in saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and salt. Moreover, include a lot of vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits.

Exercise regularly

On most days of the week, try to exercise for at least 30 minutes at a moderate level. This can help lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.

Quit smoking

Smoking can damage your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease. Ask your doctor for assistance in stopping if you smoke.

Manage stress

Stress can raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of heart disease. Hence, look for appropriate stress-reduction tactics, such as exercise, meditation, or talking to a therapist.

To sum up

Remember, preventing heart disease is important for everyone, especially for hypertension patients. By following these tips, you can help protect your heart and live a healthier life. Speak with your doctor if you have any queries or worries regarding the condition of your heart. They can offer you personalised advice and treatment options.